Alien Encounter in Cambridge, England on 2014-03-15 00:00:00 – From beginning to end about 20 minutes.

It was early march about 20:15 i walked past coldams lane common and had this urge to go back later on that night. so around 22:00 i decided to get my jacket and phone with all my ghost and alien apps. then started to walk to the common. i walked over a bridge to a small wooded area. got my phone out and started scanning the area. i had movement so crouched down and there it was a alien 7ft tall all black could not make out any features. so it walked past i get up and follow. i decided to try to make contact. it did not turn or answer my calls, i tried taking a picture but my phone was not working. i followed for the length of small field and it was about 150ft away from me and it vanished. i turn around and head off back to the bridge but now the ground has turned boggy from when i previously had walked. when i get to the bridge it’s not there anymore. so thinking it’s up ahead i try my phone and its working again. i do a microphone for my records of what happened and i was still a little shocked, i recorded a small recording. when i get home 10 minutes later i plug my phone into the the speaker. as i’m listening there is me talking and bang there it is a actual recording of a alien which i saw made contact with. so i think to myself goto the police station and report it to the police. they said they will look into it. i never heard back from them.

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