Alien Encounter in Cambridge , England on 2014-03-27 22:03:00 – Was out alien hunting with my phone and apps. also i carry a lightsaber. just to reassure me that i have some protection. the shadow alien walked past as i was crouched down. then i followed along some land. it morphed followed a little more

It was about 19:18 in the day i walked past this forest and common land. feeling compelled to go later on that night, to the same place. so i get my mobile with my alien and ghost hunting apps. i walk upto the common now the time is about 22:20. i get to the common walk around the small forest area. then i get this feeling something is coming so i crouch down. and there it came a shadow of what i can describe is alien around 7ft. i waited till it passed and started to follow. i have my phone and try talking a picture but my camera is not working any more. i followed the alien across the whole field. i’m about 75ft away and it disappeared in front of me. i turn around walk back across the field, but the field is now wet and boggy, which it wasn’t before. i goto the bridge to get home from the field and it’s not there anymore. i carry on walking, got my phone in my hand and it’s all working, the camera and time etc. so i put on the microphone on my phone and record what has just happened. i then get home, plug my phone into the speaker and to my surprise i have got the alien on my phone. i goto the local police station to report what i had seen. there said they would check and be in touch with me. i have not heard from them since.

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