UFO Sighting in Miami Beach, Florida on 1952-07-29 21:30:00 – Witness saw a flying disc in miami beach.

The time was nine-thirty p.M. with permission granted i was now sitting in the sterns’ patio with my wife and richard boswell. we were facing the west looking over indian creek. the night was clear and a one-quarter moon was shining. there was no wind. an ideal night for romance.

i turned to my wife and said jokingly, “no saucer yet.” she gave me a warm smile, which was broken by a shriek from across the creek. a startled woman said, “there it is again.” she was mrs. hunt who lives at miami beach, i learned later.

immediately i jumped to my feet, checked the camera and shouted, “where is it?”

it seemed like hours for the reply and a thousand thoughts went through my mind—could this be the same saucer from the night before? do i really have my chance i’ve waited for? will the lens be powerful enough? will this be a false alarm?

actually the reply was instant. mrs. hunt said, “to your left above the apartments.”

i moved quickly but still didn’t see it. my wife excitedly said, “there it is!” i was as well prepared to meet the situation as anyone could be. but still i wasted about thirty seconds in amazement! without any reason or doubt this was it!

believe me there is nothing in this world that this saucer could be compared with. i held my breath and pressed the camera tightly against my cheek and followed the disk the best i could.

words cannot explain the weirdness of this thing but my pictures may.

i did not get results with all 50 feet of film. the disk was so high it could be seen clearly with the naked eye, yet when i tried to view it through the viewer of the camera it could barely be made out. i think this is self explanatory to anyone who has ever held any type camera in their hands.

knowing this may be a chance in a lifetime i followed the image with my naked eye instead of through the viewer. this is very difficult to do with a telephoto lens, but the results were sufficient.

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