Daily UFO Headlines 11/10/2017

Close encounter 50 years later: Woman relives night she says her dad saw ‘vehicle’ coming from sky – Fox 8 A Consciousness Consideration for UFO Sightings – Syracuse New Times China all set to make the crucial first contact with alien life – International Business Times Blue Book: Laura Mennell Set For History’s Robert Zemeckis […]

UFOs over Oklahoma caught on video with cell phone

Three videos were submitted with a UFO report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on November 9, 2017. The report came from Moore, Oklahoma, and the alleged sighting occurred the same day. The witness claims to have seen the objects at around 5:15 pm while picking up a child after school. The videos were […]

New Fabric Warms or Cools Depending How You Wear It

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know about the battle of the thermostat. This futile clash costs quite a bit of energy: some 12 percent of the United States’ total energy consumption goes to regulating building temperature with air conditioning. Now, a new fabric could end that war and save energy at the same time. The […]

Stuffed Animals Help Scientists Learn How Sea Lion Moms Recognize Their Babies

Tending to a nursing newborn is hard enough, but sea lion moms have an extra challenge. To consume enough calories for themselves and their pups, they have to repeatedly leave their babies behind and swim out to sea to hunt. Each time the mothers return, they have to find their pups again. Australian sea lion moms use a pup’s smell […]

Apollo 11 Moon landing: conspiracy theories debunked

The following reasons have all been offered as proof that the Moon landings which began with Apollo 11’s touchdown on July 20 1969 were faked. 1) When the astronauts are putting up the American flag it waves. There is no wind on the Moon. The flag is held up by a horizontal bar and simply […]

Is Cannabis an Effective Sleep Aid?

If you speak to someone who has suffered from insomnia at all as an adult, chances are good that person has either tried using marijuana, or cannabis, for sleep or has thought about it. This is reflected in the many variations of cannabinoid or cannabis-based medicines available to improve sleep – like Nabilone, Dronabinol and […]

UFO Sighting in Pantego, Texas on 2012-09-04 19:30:00 – Twin, silver, orb-like ufos sighted high in altitude moving with irregular, figure 8-like flight path before bursting out of the atmosphere like a bullet.

Two silvery, orb-like craft were observed in pantego, tx near arlington on september 4th, 2012 at approximately 7:30pm cdt. these two ufos were observed much higher above (approx 75,000 – 80,000 feet above ground) what appeared to be a military or commercial aircraft that was tan in color. the ufos’ flight path was irregular and […]