UFO Sighting in Dauphin , Manitoba on 2017-10-24 17:30:00 – 10times larger than a jet plane. moved across the sky 4times faster than jet.

I was looking at the flock of geese flying overhead. it was a bright clear blue sky. i looked further out and up and saw a light white colour the shape of a rectangle about 4miles away and 1000,ft in the sky. my eyes instantly locked on. i kept watching the sky as it moved from my left to right. it was the size of a hospital. i kept following it visually till a row of trees blocked my sight. i ran to the end of the trees trying to keep sight of it. as i reached the end of the trees it had already disappeared in less than 30 seconds.
i felt as if it could see me watching it.
i knew that i knew that i knew that this was not at all normal.

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