UFO Sighting in Estancia Cóndor Cliff, Santa Cruz Province on 2016-08-08 12:41:00 – Rio santa cruz dam ufos

Two white heavy and executive helicopters landed at one hill in the construction area of the hydroelectric dam over santa cruz river.
three security agents go there to the top and before arrives see a extremly rare objet flying at 100 feet over the helicopters.
this objet looks like a fishbowl semitransparent whit a one intense color light blue light in the centre.
at the middle of the road to the top of the hill this flying objet became a aparent solid sphere and began to emit a very vibrant but not acute sound.
the three agente can remember nothing after that, they cant move and lost his onciousness.
when the agents wake up and can see the time, they lost 40 minutes.They watches and cell phones are stopped.
one week later the three agentes became sick and was interns at intensive care for one month. the doctors canot said what happen whith they.
now, today, the three agents have a balance problems and bad nightmares. they was separated of their jobs but stay in the list of payments whit a sustantial increase of salary.
the rumors up at october whit a commission of the chinese embassy and six argentinians cientist who visited the area at last september and, say the rumors, signs a confidential papel.
no one of the workers or chiefs can talk about this and the pass to the hill is closed whit “danger” sign.
the reports aobut white helicopters in patagonia are true, the people must be care whit this encounters, are realy danger.

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