UFO Sighting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on 2017-11-10 22:00:00 – Appeared to be shooting star, but moved too slowly. preceded by car alarm and dogs barking.

I was smoking a cigarette in my backyard at night. there were no clouds and the stars were clearly visible. i noticed a strange noise on the other side of our fence. we have a lot of birds and squirrels, and i assume that’s all i heard. a moment or so after, one street over, a neighbor’s car alarm began ringing.
now i normally stargaze at night when i go out for a cigarette. i like to spot shooting stars, nighttime planes, and the occasional satellite passing by. i just got my contact lens prescription updated, hence why i can clearly pic out a satellite passing through the stars at night. but back to the car alarm.
i hear the alarm go off. some neighborhood dogs start barking. i think nothing of it until i look up to the sky a few moments later. i look up to see a shooting star, but it wasn’t like the shooting stars i’ve seen in the past. it appeared much brighter than all the stars in the sky. it was traveling north/northwest. normally, the shooting stars i’ve seen always travel fast enough to leave a streak of light in their path.. this one seemed to travel much slower than others. it left no trail of light. it passed over and disappeared within 2-3 seconds.
shooting stars i’ve seen previously leave me with an happy appreciation. this one left me wondering what exactly i just saw. i thought maybe it could have been a shooting star, a bird flying overhead highlighted by our streetlights, etc.
after i finished my cigarette, i walked inside to find my family sturring over some strange knocking in the house. the family dog had been barking at the empty hallway, and they seemed mildly excited over the experience. i let them finish telling their story before i mentioned what i had seen outside so as not to influence their storyline. after we all exchanged our stories, we went back to enjoying the rest of our evening.
i like to think ai have anpractical way at viewing the world around me. that being said; i do find myself interested in the unknown world/universe around us all. these could all have very well been independent, ordinary events happening in a small frame of time. however, the coincidence of them all happening so close together cannot leave me with some speculation.
also, i failed to mention shortly after, i did notice two planes blinking inthe distance. we normally have a good number of planes in the airspace around my house at any given time, so i highly doubt there is any relation.

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