UFO Sighting in Florissant, Missouri on 2017-11-11 00:00:00 – Standing outside heard gunshots , then ufo appeared in the sky minutes after.

So , i was standing outside talking to my brother after hearing gunshots , then minutes after that a ufo appeared in the sky out of nowhere.. it started coming towards us but at a distance and then it stopped and hovered a few feet above a treetop , then it kind of wobbled side to side and headed left of the treetop then came back right of the treetop and decended downward behind the tree and went out of sight..I was very excited because i watch alot of videos about these ufos and finally one in broad daylight of st. louis mo… my video distorted the object because of the crappy camera on my phone but i zoomed in so you can see how it was hovering and changing its direction… i apologize if my video maybe glitching but its not doing that on my cellphone it started soons i try to upload it.. i added a couple photos i took a picture of the same ufo off of a witness phone because you see the actual shape of the ufo better(he had a iphone lol).

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