UFO Sighting in Rosemount, Minnesota on 2017-09-06 08:27:00 – Observed 3 black objects with bright orange light hovering. then 2 objects flashed red and one stayed red and descended to ground level

My wife and i along with our daughter were traveling west on connamara to highway 3. when i noticed a very large black object with a orange bright light south on highway 3 hovering above downtown rosemount. i then took pictures. then we turned south on 3 to see if we could get a closer look. as we approached highway 42. we could see 3 black objects with orange lights hovering about tree level on the south side of 42. there were planes and helicopters flying in the area near them. then 2 of the objects flashed red and the one in the middle turned into a large fireball and descended to ground level. as it was descending it looked like it ejected 3 smaller orbs. then at street level it flashed on and off. when my wife and i went to find the fireball descended fireball it was not there. we were now traveling north on biscayne when we saw one of the objects now in fireball form traveling north parallel to us on the driver side. we followed it until it took off at a high rate of speed.

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