Daily UFO Headlines 11/13/2017

Mystery UFO video supposedly from USS Nimitz fighter jet intrigues researchers – Fox 5 Las Vegas Is this a UFO flying among the birds? – Yahoo7 Be Is this PROOF of alien life? Shock as mysterious UFO ‘hovers above California navy base’ – Daily Express Not a UFO – Just The Planets – Bay Today […]

Science’s Next Frontier? It’s Civic Engagement

By Louise Lief Every day, it seems, brings more dispiriting news to the science world. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is removing research scientists from the agency’s advisory boards and has forbidden some of them from speaking at conferences. The Government Accounting Office is investigating reports that the current administration is violating scientific […]

With Just $1,000, Anyone Can Track Your Every Move

By now, most of us are probably used to the idea that large corporations track our preferences and activities every time we go online. It’s the price we pay for the custom, convenient experiences we seek on the internet. But tracking your activity online isn’t exclusive to high-flying FAANG companies. For a modest sum, anyone […]

A New Titleholder For Earliest Wine?

Where are the roots of the earliest wine? Countries in southwestern Asia have long contested who was first to ferment grapes. To date, the oldest widely accepted evidence for viniculture came from the Zagros Mountains of Iran. But now new research from the Republic of Georgia — a perennial and fierce challenger for the title — suggests people […]

BMW’s Self-Balancing Concept Motorcycle Is Straight Out of ‘Tron’

In the distant future, motorcycle riders will have no need of helmets or padded clothing. They also won’t need to put their feet on the ground when they stop. That’s because, according to BMW, the motorcycle of the future will balance itself and will help the driver avoid crashes. BMW, which is famous for motorcycles […]

UFO Sighting in Tunja, Boyacá on 2013-12-22 00:00:00 – The lights seemed to be very very far from us and they were moving across the sky very fast, they apperared and dissapeared constantly and moving up and down very fast, we counted over 10 lights

I was enjoying a concert and a friend of mine took a photo then i took a look at the photo and i saw strange lights look up to the sky and they were just right up doing strange movements appearing and dissapering very fast moving up and down, they seemed to be trying to […]

More Than Skin Deep

When multiple specialists can’t solve the mystery of a toddler’s persistent rashes, grandma offhandedly offers a clue.