UFO Sighting in Joshua Tree, California on 2017-11-04 14:18:00 – Hiking in joshua tree and took pictures. only noticed ufo when looking at pictures afterwards

On november 4, 2017 my wife, 2 friends and myself went to joshua tree for the first time and did a few hikes at the joshua tree national park. the picture/video that i have submitted was at “hidden valley”.

during the hike we all were hiking and taking pictures using both iphones as well as a proper camera. hidden valley was our first hike of the day and later on in the day, say 3 hours after our first hike, we were looking through the photos we had taken and noticed a black spot in one of our pictures. the picture was a “live photo” on the iphone, meaning it captures about 1.5 secs of motion in real-time. after looking at this live photo hundreds of times trying to figure out what it can be, we collectively as a group are/were unable to identify this and therefore assumed it could be a ufo of sorts. just the sheer speed in which this object was moving eliminated the chances that it could be a bird or bug.

later in the evening we took the live photo and converted it to a .Mov file (which is what i have submitted) and noticed that frame by frame, the object does not appear until the last 0.5 seconds of the video, so it was faster than originally thought. the object, when zoomed in upon, looked disc-like, or maybe a triangle, solid black and it’s trajectory was interesting, going into a straight line, ascending. we lost sight of the object based on the fact that it went out of frame from the picture/video.

overall feelings were pretty fascinated and curious. a little excitement due to the sheer luck of capturing this inadvertently in a photo. at this moment we are all in a bit of shock due to what we have seen and are very interested in hearing an experts opinion of what this can possibly be.

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