UFO Sighting in Yantzaza, Zamora-Chinchipe Province on 2017-11-14 12:55:00 – 12:55 gmt-5, 3 people just observed 3 hovering light balls flying on the other side of the #zamora river 1.5km away. sourounded by birds. used a 50x magnifying glass to see the objects which seemed to be white light moving vertically & horizontally. #ufo

1. just finished eating lunch all together 4 persons. when suddenly the girl on the other side of the table with the view from the windows says oh a drone.
but it was def not a drone. i have a dji maric and it looks very different when you can see it. was not a bird either. birds where kind of following one of the 3 objects. it’s was white light bulb moving around. time most likely 12:50
2. so the girl and the other guy saw it i wade by seeing it so i got the manifest glasses 50x and was then able to see first all 3 and at the end just one of the moving up and down and horizontal.
3. first we thought a drone. then a bird. but with the magnifying glasses i could see only light bulb..
4. we are in a valley. we saw first the object hovering in the center maybe where the river is. and the 3 balls seem to be moving together and then each of them in a other direction so at the end i able only to follow one. when the flew to high into the white sky they where not visible any more until it reached a grey cloud at it was visible again. then it when down until the visible background was green pasture and trees which made it easy to follow.
they moved in all 4 directions. no clear path.
5. after seeing them we kept looking a little and where still discussing what it could have been. again not a drone. not a bird. sadly my camera was not charged so impossible to capture a photo also it was most likely wvery difficult even with the 400mm to get a non shaky picture i tried later.
6. well it happen really fast and the last one kind of disappears on the top right side and doesn’t appear back 🙁

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