UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Scotland on 2017-11-15 16:45:00 – Star like object with very bright red and white lights. flashing every 2 seconds

Standing at my kitchen window i noticed a very bright red and white light flashing every two seconds. i instantly knew this was not a passenger plane or helicopter. i do live in the flight path of aberdeen airport so i am very used to the types and brightness of normal air traffic lights.

i went outside for a better look. unfortunately my iphone broke a few days a go so i was unable to take a picture or video.

the object itself was traveling directly north. it just looked like a medium brightness star but had an intensely bright white and red light. the white light was stacked on top of the red light and they would pulse on and off every 2 seconds.

i watched it traveling in a straight direction until it disappeared out of sight, fairly low on the horizon. even at such a distance, the light brightness was just incredible and easily the brightest object in the sky at that time

i never heard any noise, neither was there any other air traffic visible at that time.

what ever the object was, it must have been incredibly high in the atmosphere.

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