UFO Sighting in Cebu City, Central Visayas on 2017-11-03 16:46:00 – Two cigar/disc shaped objects hovering over the sea.

This event happened at a beach resort on the south western part of camotes island at around 4:46 pm (local time), november 3, 2017. my family and i were at the beach, waiting for the sunset. i was playing some music from my outdoor speaker, so i wasn’t able to hear if the ufos were making a sound or not. and honestly, i didnt notice that there were presumably ufos due to the brightness and glare of the sun which made the sky hazy, until i edited/enhanced the picture. i will send you three pictures,

1. raw shot/photo
2. edited photo
3. zoomed and edited photo

i felt excited when i noticed the ufos because i knew it happened in a very interesting place. first, camotes island hasn’t had passenger fast craft boats traveling to and from the island since less than a decade ago, which makes that place somewhat undisturbed and has quite a number of caves for a small island. second, the area is a typhoon path, and i learned that ufos usually appear near calamity areas. and third, the neighboring island to the east is where tacloban is (which was hit by a massive storm surge a few years back), and nearby is biliran island and its mysterious mount panamao, famous for its enchanting stories of disappearing galleons, cocoa plantations, and even people. yes, there have been stories of people being abduted by enchanted beings. anyway, i’m not trying to make you believe that there are aliens in the area, but that is the only hypothesis i can come up with considering the facts and stories.

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