UFO Sighting in Mount Shasta, California on 2017-08-25 22:30:00 – We were atop mt. shasta for about 15 minutes when we observed a bright blue light in space near the bottom left star of the little dipper, it blinked in bright flashes across the sky before disappearing.

I am a ufo fanatic living in northern california, about 3 months ago my family and i took a trip up to the mt. shasta area in northern california. we were there for a week. since i’m in to ufos i convinced my family to take me up the mountain at night to see if we could observe anything. we were on the highest point of the mountain you could drive to when the event occurred. the area at night was completely dark minus a few campers down the slope from us, but their lights didn’t obscure the view at all. the entire milky way was completely visible and it was spectacular.After we had been there going on about 15 minutes i was looking in the direction of the bottom left star in the little dipper constellation, when i saw a very bright flash of white-blue light. i at first assumed it to be a plane since there were many planes in the sky when we came up earlier. then it began to rapidly flash all around the sky, i didn’t notice any particular pattern of it, at that point my mother goes “huh, i’ve never seen a plane jump around like that, it’s odd.” the thing was making insanely fast 90 degree turns and literally teleporting across incredible distances that nothing on this planet can do. i grew up next to an airport i’ve seen military planes and aircraft all my life this wasn’t a human build. a human going that rate of speed would be killed by the insane g-force in those turns. plus i’ve never seen a conventional aircraft do a 90 degree turn in less than 1 second and then be in a completely different position just like that. it lasted for about 2 and half minutes then disappeared towards the upper part of my field-of-view.There were 3 witnesses to this event, none of us have ever seen anything like it before. i have actually nicknamed it “the blink.”

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