UFO Sighting in Fort Myers, Florida on 2012-02-15 00:00:00 – Observed cylinder stationary object perpendicular to ground that reflected sunlight.

I was heading north on a rural road (slater rd) on my way back from collecting water samples and returning to the water plant. what caught my attention was a yellow light in the sky against a brown sky due to a controlled burn going on at one of the nature preserves. perhaps this object was interested in this burn? as i got closer, i thought it might be a goodyear blimp due to its color. the yellow light saw was the reflection of the sun at noon time low in the southern horizon. the rays of sunlight bent in a fashion to show the curved/circular sides of the object. i was proceeding over a small overpass over interstate75 while observing the object. only one other vehicle was in the area that passed me on the bridge. i’m sure they noticed nothing coming from the direction of the object. what really stood out to me was seeing this black haze of sorts underneath the object slowly rotating in a clockwise motion. i pulled my work truck over to stop and get an even better view of the object when it just vanished before my eyes. just “poof!” it was gone. weird…Like it knew i was looking at it. i’ve always been interested growing up, in the phenomena as i grew up not far from wright-patterson afb. there were a lot of stories going around as many of my classmates parents worked there. however i have kept a skeptic outlook as the idea seemed too fantastic. well not now. i join many others now who have seen and not just believe… but know… there is something going on, either man made or otherwise.

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