UFO Sighting in Magog, Quebec on 2013-09-30 04:17:00 – 3 ufo’s hovered closed together

September 30th, 2013 – séance session a success!

at 4:17am in the morning i stood facing the east outside on the balcony when i visually captured up in the clear night sky 3 luminously glittering ufo’s all hovering within close proximity to each other to the east.
the 3 glowing orbs where quite animated by spinning and wobbling extracting a rotary of lights in all directions. 1 ufo out of the 3 ufo in front of me was bigger and brighter than the other 2. when i turned to my left now facing northwest i sighted out a 4th bright ufo hovering about on the east side of mount orford.

let us be ready rather than unprepared.


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