UFO Sighting in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 2002-07-15 22:30:00 – I saw a star- like object get brighter and it may have been a meteor, come straight at me so bright i thought it was a bomb. it lit the night sky like lightning. but it was a clear night.It was the night timothy mcviegh was executed,

I was on 494 on the east side of the mendota bridge. about 10:30 p.M. i was observing the planes taking off from the airport, by myself, when i noticed out of the corner of my left eye an object getting brighter and brighter until it burned out. i mean this was as illuminating as lightning. only took a few seconds but it scared me to thinking it was a bomb going off. i thought it would be on the news the next day, but i heard no mention of this odd event. how could i be the only one to have seen this? it made no noise at all.

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