UFO Sighting in Norfolk, on 2017-11-17 17:15:00 – They both looked like the iss with short distance between them as i follow iss sightings, not due overhead this day though.

My daughter told me she was seeing two white lights moving across the sky outside our house. i went to look and i saw the first one which looked and moved as the iss does as i follow it’s path when it’s due overhead. there was an exact same light following the first light at the same speed and exactly same path with distance between them. there was no nose or aviation navigation lights etc. we are used to seeing raf planes in our area but they were nothing like aircraft and both were star like in appearance.
i checked the app on my tablet for tracking the iss and satellites but nothing was due overhead on this day or time.At first i was certain it was the iss until i saw a second light following on exactly the same flight path.We never had time to take pictures or video.

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