UFO Sighting in West Unity, Ohio on 2017-10-13 17:50:00 – Silver solid sphere hovered then increased speed dramatically, made several sharp turns then sped straight up and out of sight

Clear blue sky, around 72 degrees, sun was low in the west but still full daylight, rural farmland. i was sitting on my front porch enjoying the weather and reading on my cell phone. i put the phone down and then happened to look up. i thought at first it was a white/silver helium balloon, as it was just kind of hovering. (i am bad about judging distance above me, but it was higher than most single engine planes or helicopters fly but lower than larger and commercial aircraft.) after about 2 seconds the object accelerated instantly and faster than anything i’d ever seen, flying toward the north. the object flew for a couple seconds in a straight line, made an approximate 45 degree turn left, flew straight for a second, made a approximate 135 degree turn right, flew straight for another second or two, made a 90 degree turn right, flew straight again for a couple seconds and then headed up at an angle very fast towards the north until it was out of sight. the object was silverwhite, was a sphere, it had no visible lights, windows or anything else, it was just a smooth sphere. the best way to describe it’s movements is like a billiard ball bouncing off pool table bumpers, it would change directions like that. while moving it did seem to change speeds a couple times. the sphere went from hovering when i first saw it to an incredible speed in an instance. i have seen jet fighters fly overhead and this was at least 3 times or more faster. after i lost sight of it i watched the sky for a good 5 minutes hoping it would reappear. i am 57 years old and have been a sky watcher most of my life and have never seen anything remotely like this.

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