UFO Sighting in Bundenbach, Rhineland-Palatinate on 2017-07-01 00:00:00 – Ufo over hahnenbachtal, bundenbach, germany

Please note, that what i’ve seen was not a plane!

i do not have the exact date anymore, but it was a warm summer night and i was sitting late in the evening, i guess around 10 pm or later, in my background with a cup of tea.

it was a lovely, warm summer night. no clouds. i was looking at the clear sky to watch the stars, as suddenly in the distance a bright light appeared. i immediately thought, i should make a wish, because my first impression was: this is a falling star, but then i saw it did not go down in a straight line.

the round, object was in the distance, difficult to tell the actual size because i do not know how far away it was. from my point of view it was around the size of a penny and seemed more like a round object.

it went from my right point of view in a constant speed but descending and disappeared from my point of view “behind” the village of bundenbach. interestingly, there is a huge national park, this area is called the hahnenbachtal.

nearby, 10 km away is the small frankfurt-hahn airport, and also we do have a military area, known as truppenubungsplatz baumholder, but this is 50 km in the other direction.

it seemed to me that this object knew what it was doing and very securely landed in the middle of nowhere in the national park or the enclosed fields.

unfortunatly, i did not write down the time and the day, but i can only state, this was not a plane. living near an airport i know how planes are looking during flight and landing, and this was something else.

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