UFO Sighting in Lake Elsinore, California on 2017-11-18 00:00:00 – The orange circle moved across the sky from right to left just above the horizon very slowly for about three minutes.And then disappeared

We were a group of 11 hikers at a place called four corners to observe the leonids meteor shower. we had hiked in 3.5 miles from ortega hwy (74)about ten miles west of lake elsinore, ca. we were all sitting or laying down in a clearing. suddenly one of our participants started yelling loudly “what is that, what is what” – i got up walked to over to her and two others standing nearby and observed the event. the four of us all observed it. when i first saw the orange circle i had no idea what it was. i knew it was not an airplane. it was an orange circle about 5 degrees above the hilltops to our southeast, it was probably 20 times larger in diameter than a light we would see from an airplane, it was glowing dimly, not brightly. it moved steadily and slowly from our right to our left (moving southeast toward the east), and then disappeared. it moved in a straight line. i observed it personally for about 20 seconds before it disappeared, but it was at least a minute from the time the individual who first saw it yelled out about it. our reaction was one of shock, we knew it was not an airplane, helicopter, shooting star, meteor, satellite, or anything else ordinary in the sky.

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