UFO Sighting in Washington Township, New Jersey on 2017-06-20 22:45:00 – I see the black silhouette over the field i shine flashlight it lights up and goes up

It was around 10:45pm i was parked at the end of dead end road that is extended with a field after it. this is atop a mountain. i’ve seen other lights and objects in the sky in this area before. im sitting there in my car plugging in my phone when i hear something in the bushes it was just a deer, which is very common for the area. then i look out at the field and i believe i see something black hovering above the field no noise no nothing. i shine my light on it and its very round shaped. a few moments later its lights up and flies up and disappears as if it was never there. i ran over to the area where it was hovering but there was no evidence of anything.

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