Alien Encounter in Willmar, Minnesota on 2017-10-20 00:00:00 – Series of events

On october 25, 2017 i woke with three marks on my left upper arm. one one each side. inner arm was two puncture wounds (. .) front of arm three puncture wounds in triangle shape, and back of arm was like someone had scraped my skin off in a small round patch. all three spots remained red and irritated and slightly raised for several days. possibilities are: spider bites or bed bugs.
the marks were still visible on the 25th, 2017 of october.
october 30th, 2017 woke at 5am from what seemed to be a more than real dream – i had been given an injection vaginally with a numbing angent, then something was removed from me and sealed in small containers in a case with dry ice. the dream memory is of snakes being removed from me and stored in jars. i woke fully to find a few drops of blood on my nightgown and was quite sore internally and sore neck as well most of that day.
from past experience i am guessing “they” took an egg and checked on me.
my normal cycle was a week late and i passed tissue (same as previous experiences)
on november 19th i woke having a difficult morning, but when i went outside my apartment around 11am to dispose of compost, a strange man was standing on the sidewalk with his back to me. he appeared to be holding an infant in a white blanket and talking to it. i was afraid of him at first but did go outside. he walked a bit away from me, then watched me closely as i disposed of the compost. i re-entered the house again and then the man turned to face me. he was holding an infant inside his jacket, it appeared to be male and was wrapped in a white blanket. the man then turned and walked quickly away, disappearing into the empty hospital parking lot.
i ate lunch then felt the need to take a nap.
i went for a walk around 1pm to clear my head and when i returned from my walk i received a phone call from a local retired military man. he invited me to a local park to play frisbee golf. i agreed and he asked where i was and picked me up where i was a few moments later.

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