Black Triangle Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2017-11-17 00:00:00 – Was driving in albuquerque, nm neighborhood and saw a triangle shaped craft with lights

I was driving around in the nob hill area of albuquerque. i turned down a side street and saw a triangle shaped craft with lights that went up the side of it. it was illuminated so it formed a v shape. i stopped to pull over and look at it because i thought it was strange. witnessed it for about 10 seconds before it was hidden behind a tree. i unfortunately didn’t take a video or photo. the airforce base is close by so i assumed it was a military aircraft but haven’t seen one like it before. i have been living in the area for over a decade. my first thought is it was some sort of stealth type plane like b-2 but they don’t appear to have that type of light formation at night. (i attached a photo of what it looked like from a google search. i didn’t take this photo this is just close to what i saw).

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