UFO Sighting in Ossining, New York on 2017-11-17 03:47:00 – Recording plane spraying

A few days before this i was having debates with people on facebook about the chem trail controversy,so as i’m walking home from the store i noticed 3 planes in the same area leaving behind what seems to be chemicals,so i took my phone out to record at that time i witnessed 3 more planes as i recorded the sixth plane there was a ufo flying underneath the sixth plane,however i did not notice this until i veiwed the video for the third time.As the video shows it was a clear day and it definitely was not a bird. this is not the first time i witnessed a ufo but it is the first time i was able to record it.But what was more strange is two of the planes completely disappeared,no they did not fly out of view,i thought it was very strange,no i’m not crazy. i’m starting to see more and more strange things. i’m forwarding the video please respond back tell me what you think,watch closely as i record the sixth plane.

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