UFO Sighting in Kingsley, Pennsylvania on 2017-11-21 06:00:00 – Observed the above moving faster then any plane or other familiar aircrafts known to me and it went straight up over my house, then changed direction reoriented itself and started going down wards when i went outside there were also cris cross paths left

I was laying down watching tv when i heard this “thump thump” and a whirring buzzing sound and i got up to look out my window when i saw a white almost glowing object flying almost straight up into the sky and another object sitting still next to it i was unsure the still object was craft and not a star or something when it started flickering i went to take a video on my phone and took the picture on accident then when i switched to video my phone went dead. at this point when i looked up to continue observing the object there was only the mobile one left in the sky as it flew over my house. i then thew on my slippers and ran outside and watched it fly over. i turned my head i saw another identical craft to the one i was watching when it turned direction and appeard to then go downward. by the time they were done it almost looked like exhaust trails or something ,im not sure but same as in the picture and that was all that was left after a few minutes and there cris crossing pattern in the sky above me.

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