UFO Sighting in Ouray, Colorado on 2017-11-16 10:52:00 – We stopped along the million dollar highway (550) at bear creek falls, looking south at abrams mountain. we began taking photos of the beautifully rocky mountain valley. we had no idea our two separate iphones would capture this object at exactly 10:52.

This is one of those discoveries that happened after the events were captured on november 16th, 2017 on our way to glennwood springs, colorado. my friend and i were both taking photos on our iphones while parked at a viewpoint for bear creek falls along the million dollar highway just south of ouray, colorado. we were shooting pics of the long beautiful valley extending south towards the base of abrams mountain rising in the distance. we both shot lots of photos, not noticing anything out of the ordinary at the time of the events, but in the last two days we have both discovered striking shots of a green orb in our photos at exactly the same time from different vantage points looking in the same direction. 10:52am seems to be the time we both got our shots. from the photos timing/sequencing, this object or green sphere seems to have traveled miles in less than a microsecond, changes shapes, even gives off a transparent saucer-like sparkly shaped white hue at one point surrounding the green sphere. because of the position of the sun and the shadows in the valley and the fact that both cameras captured the same thing, we have ruled out sun flares playing off of our phone lenses. this feels and looks genuine to me.

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