UFO Sighting in Lisburn, Northern Ireland on 2010-09-01 00:00:00 – Fast moving object with lights spotted above. night sky, no ‘craft’ seen just 3 red lights rotating in clockwise direction.

I was at my front door, seeing my mother out when i happened to look up and noticed the red lights. there were a few but not many clouds in the sky that night.

at first i thought it was a helicopter (due to the rotating lights) then i realised there are no lights on the end of rotor blades and they were not fast enough to be on rotors (the red lights i saw spun at about 1 second for a full rotation). they also seemed too close together to be at the ends of blades. the object moved at too fast a speed to be a helicopter and seemed to be a little high to be one too.

it was only in my vision for about 30 seconds but moved in a very fast, straight line. as it was getting dark outside i didn’t see any vehicle/craft so assumed it was black/dark itself. i also did not see any discernible shape except for the 3 red lights that i would say were a triangle formation. these lights themselves, as well as moving forward with the craft, turned in a clockwise direction.

the area i saw the object was a quiet area and i noticed there was no noise from it at all and i know the sound of helicopters as the area i live now has almost daily helicopters in the sky.

i stared at it for a few seconds then pointed up and asked my mother ”what is that?!!” but she didn’t see it as by the time she realised what was going on and looked up, it had vanished, either into or above the cloud. it made me feel really uneasy and did not sleep very well that night. it happened a good few years ago but i will never forget how it looked or how it made me feel.

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