UFO Sighting in Santa Cruz, California on 2013-06-16 00:00:00 – Fireball turned into space craft, not a single sound

2 friends and i were spending father’s day having a bonfire on a beach in santa cruz. it was around 3 am when we decided to go home. as we were leaving we past a homeless man who was walking onto the beach. as we past this man, he pointed to the sky and asked us “what’s that?”. we all turned to look, and when we seen what he was pointing at we froze. there was a faint fireball coming straight out of the sky. i was raised by an astronomer so at first i thought it was a comet. but, as it got closer it stopped. the flames vanished and i could see this cylindrical metal craft with white lights around the bottom. it looked like a metal toilet paper roll. the craft bottom started to close, like a cartoon satellite opening. as it did that, the shape turned into a disc. almost as if the toilet paper roll had been compressed. it got longer and shorter, i could see a window form at the top that appeared to go 360 degrees around the craft. the lights went out and the craft turned into a bubble. i could see stars behind it, but i could see the reflection of the city lights. the craft started floating north up the coast. we walked to the car keeping an eye on this bubble craft thing. we followed it for about 10 minutes before we lost sight of it. scariest day of my life. i still tear up and get anxiety when i think about it. we are not alone in this universe, i am now a true believer.

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