UFO Sighting in California on 1999-10-10 06:02:00 – A very large craft .Very huge as it hovered over us and moved in path for minutes on.I never questioned it or became conscious until realized this craft made zero noise.

We were off the templin hwy north exit at one of our favorite fishing creeks, simply sitting in our truck anticipating the sunrise so we can start our hike to catch fish.The glowing lights in the night sky caught my attention but there was enormous denial for very long.When i first noticed it, i believe i was in shock, denial .Hypnotized state.???
at first notice, i very foolishly believed it was a blimp……Lol…Right over my head, moving with zero sound and what was a mother ship at that.Far too massive than we humans are capable of.Many ,many glowing lights of many colors and shapes moving ,hovering close and very slowly above our heads.Looking back, i can easily say i was in denial of what i saw.The ship slowly went passed us or did it take us????? i welcome hypnosis , tests or regression therapy to bring this to light.

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