UFO Sighting in Mars Hill, North Carolina on 2017-11-21 21:10:00 – Two light orbs hovering over mountain forest, moving independently, bobbing up and down, then disappearing upwards.

My husband and i live at a high elevation (4000 ft+) in the pisgah national forest and have a clear view of the surrounding mountains. this is the second time we have both seen strange orbs in the night sky in the evening from our back deck. in both cases, there were two light orbs (larger and brighter than the light from stars) that hovered just above the mountain range horizon. they would bob and hover, moving both left and right and up and down, but mostly up and down, as though “bouncing”. the movement was too extreme to be helicopters, and far too fast. after about 10 minutes of watching them hover over the forest, they would ascend upwards very quickly and then the light would disappear. the second time we saw this (a few days ago), there were multiple aircraft in the air all around them. the aircraft did not go near the orbs, but created a circle around them. there is an airport in johnson city and asheville. on this night, we saw one airplane taking a north-south flight path, but there were several other craft in the sky with blinking lights that appeared stationary, and were at a higher elevation in the sky, on all sides around the orbs. the orbs were too far away to get any good photos, or to see shape, but they did appear slightly elongated, or oval instead of round. the orbs bobbed and hovered for about 10 minutes, then slowly bobbed along the mountain horizon, following the slope of the tallest mountain range. one of them disappeared below the mountain range, and the other stayed in the sky and hovered at the peak of the range before we went inside. the section of forest behind us has very few homes, if any, since most of it is national forest, so we have little light pollution. we estimate that these orbs were approximately 2 miles away because the ridge that one of the orbs disappeared behind is about 1 3/4 miles away as the crow flies.

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