Black Triangle Sighting in Aguanga, California on 2017-11-25 07:20:00 – Witnessed a light in north east sky 720am sun was just rising. closer observation thru a scope showed 5 lights in a pattern

Walked out my side yard door that points directly north. could see a bright light in the north somewhat northeast. something about it seemed strange. grabbed my rifle that has a scope it was all i had in house that could get a closer look. soon as i look thru the scope i couldn’t understand what i was seeing. 5 bright lights seemed to be in a row straight up and down like stacked up on top of one another. could see that the lights belonged to something dark. lights seemed to flicker top light would shine very bright middle lights would dim etc. lights would sort of move a bit to where the shape looked like a cross. then the top light would go completely out or maybe it shone light different direction anyways when this happened i could see that the top object was a triangle shaped aircraft hovering above the rest. charcoal grey in color, it was very obvious that this was separate from the rest as it seemed to be hovering above them. then that object would shine bright again. my wife daughter and i all looked thru the scope and continued watching it over the course of an hour. although it didn’t appear to be moving by the end of two hours it was farther into the northeast hemisphere than originally detected. seemed to stay in a straight up and down figure but would sort of come together to appear as one light. was very obvious. the light as it continued to slowly move northwards the light became harder and harder to detect. i seemed to notice that it appeared the object was surrounded by a very very faint barely impossible to see dark cloud. posting a video and pic below. look very closely in middle of screen.

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