Former NASA Scientist Debunks All UFO Sightings

Former NASA Scientist Debunks All UFO Sightings

     This week, again, UFO enthusiasts saw a phenomenon and an explanation they didn’t believe matched up. The phenomenon was a bright, second-long streak across a time-lapse video filmed by astronaut Paolo Nespoli; the explanation, as provided by the
By Meghan Bartels

European Space Agency, was that a meteor was burning up as it entered Earth’s atmosphere.


James Oberg, who used to work in mission control at NASA, is used to this sort of approach to UFO sightings, and in a fascinating interview with Atlas Obscura, he explains why space phenomena trip people up. As a hobby, he has traced back decades’-worth of UFO sightings to more mundane explanations, drawing on his professional expertise in space missions.

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