UFO Sighting in Raleigh, North Carolina on 2016-09-28 00:00:00 – Saw two bobbing lights. had the thought would be crazy if those are ufos. soon as i had the thought the right one descended within 30ft from me and car ahead of me. on 70 mile an hour highway we were forced to slow down to 10miles an hour.

On september 28th 2016 i was driving on highway 1 north going to the raleigh durham airport to pick up my girlfriend at the time. it was around 9:20pm. the sky was a clear bright purple sky speckled with stars. i had the window down cause the air was neither hot nor cold. the temperature was perfect. the temp was probably in the low 70’s. i was listening to a station that was playing great alternative music from my teenage years but it was weird cause the station kept cutting on and off with fuzz sounds. i looked up into the horizon and there were two bobbing globes of light way off in the distance and i remember having the thought wow that movement is peculiar. they aren’t moving like a helicopter or airplane. they bobbed in place very smoothly like a slow dance. and the next thought i had was that would be crazy if those are ufo’s. and then the third thought i had was that would be great if they came down closer. and as soon as i had that thought the one on the right side started to descend. and i was like no way… it felt like it descended slowly at first but within very little time it felt like it was going to fly right on top of myself and the car ahead of me. as it descended my legs started to shake vigorously with fear and excitement. and i kept thinking to myself grab your cell phone on the dash, grab your cell phone on the dash to take video. but i was so entranced and enamored that i couldn’t take my eyes off of it. it was like i was hypnotized by the amazement of the situation. completely entranced. but it came down extremely close and hovered on top of the tree line right in front of the car ahead of me. it felt like it was going to land on us which forced us to slow down to like 10 miles an hour on this 65-70 mile an hour highway. we were the only two cars on the highway during this event. the craft was close enough that i could have thrown a baseball at it and hit it effortlessly if i wanted to. at this point it was like a bright spot light that hovered for a few seconds and the light was bright enough that i couldn’t make out any details. then the hovering vessel turned sideways and revealed that it was a dark perfect rectangle craft ( i could make out the dark rectangular craft because the outline of the craft blotted out the purple night sky) that was three to four car lengths long and two to three car lengths wide. the height or thickness of the craft seemed pretty thin and perfectly stream lined, like 5-7ft from top to bottom. the bottom of the craft had long vertical striations down the belly of the craft going lengthwise. it had white lights equal distanced along the belly of the craft with a couple red blinking lights (i couldn’t see the red blinking lights until the craft turned sideways). but the white lights didn’t flicker at all. and the vessel did not appear to give off any heat signature, thrust, or energy field to propel the vessel. it was just a perfect rectangular shape with lights. by this point myself and the car ahead of me are slowing down to like 5 mph. the vessel then moved smoothly across the highway going west. the movement was captivating. it moved smoothly and effortlessly. it moved like it was under water. i had my window down and the vessel gave off no sound at all. as the vessel disappeared over the tall pines to the west the car ahead of myself started to pick up speed as did i. i believe it was exit 93 or 96, was about 30ft ahead and as i was about to exit towards the airport onto the quickpass highway the car ahead of me started to vigorously flash it’s lights at me as if to say holy shit did you see that and as i was exiting i vigorously flashed my high beams back at the car like yeah that was crazy. and then the rest of the ride to the airport i got really mad at myself for not taking video of the event.

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