UFO Sighting in Maricopa, Arizona on 2017-11-25 21:15:00 – Bright light moving in an atypical way

Sitting inside our house watching tv around 9:15 pm, my dog went berserk. not an alert bark i have heard before, so i got up and went to check. with the camping lantern, i stepped out on to the porch and noticed a very bright light. we see alot of planes and flares over the bombing range, so i am used to seeing various lights in the sky. i first thought it might have been the front lights on a plane or search lights for border patrol. however, this light was larger than average and very bright white- it pulsated once making it a bit larger and shift into a more blue white color. it then shot upward, arcing slightly northward as it did so. it disappeared within seconds, giving me just enough time to realize how abnormal it was.

within minutes, the sky had alot of planes in the area. almost all were extremely high, but we could see the blinking lights. they arrived after the incident and before we decided to return into the house- so within 3 minutes.

we went back into the house and within the next 10 minutes it sounded like an entire squad of large helicopters were flying in the area.

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