UFO Sighting in Saginaw, Michigan on 2017-11-24 04:15:00 – Came in from the northeast past over my head made two seperate 45 degree turns lost sight as it headed southeast

i woke up at 4:11 a.M. and i heard noises outside. i went out to find it was my neighbor working on the interior of his home. as i was heading back in i looked up noticed how clear and bright the sky was with no clouds. thats when i noticed a light approaching from the norhteast. my first thoughts were that it was a shooting star but it was too slow for that and too fast for any satellite or aircraft thati know of. it was too high and covered too many miles to be any kind drone. as it past over my head it made roughly a 45 degree turn then straight for a second or two and then another 45 degree turn and straight again heading southeast never changing speed until i lost sight of it behind the street light glare from acrossed the street. as the object past over i could see that it appeared to be self alluminated with a very dim blue/white glow like a low watt light bulb with black paint covering half it’s surface letting out only patches of light. there were no other lights on it. if it had been setting still you would never have notice it. even in the city at 4:00am is was very quiet and the object was completely silent. it was hard to tell how high it was maybe 1,000 feet or more or the shape of it. the duration of the sighting was very breif no longer than 20 seconds. i believe it was under intelligent control because of the sharp turns. i remember waving and yelling for it to stop. i’ve had many planes and helecopters including military aircraft pass over my home heading to and from m.B.S. airport this object was completely different. it was black friday morning so i thought maybe it was a spotlight but it never happened again, there was no beam and there was nothing for a spotlight to reflect off of. i’ve lived at this location for over forty years and this is “not” the only sighting i’ve had. this is the only one that i have reported. the subject of ufos has always been a great interest to me since a sighting as a young child, another in my early thirties, then mid forties and now this one. because of my interest and open mind i’ve had many people, friends and family tell me of their experiences. one recently by a close friend living just outside of saginaw.

p.S. if any offical member of mufon would like more information please feel free to contact me….Thank you for you time!

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