UFO Sighting in Lindsay, California on 1992-10-02 20:02:00 – Lights in the sky

around 1992 i don’t know the exact year but maybe my oldest brother tony would know since he is 2 years older than me …I was about 11 years old when me and tony we where heading into town at night with a friend of my step dad name don rica who was about 50+ years old at the time, well he was drinking that night so he decide to stop on a dirt driveway between our house and the road to urinate in the orange groves, while he is doing his thing me and tony where in the passenger seat i look up and i see these lights (green, red and blue) in the night sky,no movement, no sound…So i stare for a few seconds and i decided to tell tony and he looks up and we where both amaze for at least a good minute then the light turn off and never seen it again and then don rica shows up but we say nothing to him, maybe of fear he wouldn’t believe us.

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