UFO Sighting in San Bernardino, California on 2017-11-28 11:15:00 – I looked up at the sky to witness a prop driven plane and noticed what seemed to be stars during daytime.

At my house i decided to go out to my backyard with my cat as i do everyday. i was watching my cat when i herd a prop driven plane overhead. i went to try and identify the plane and when i looked up i noticed what seemed to be stars during daytime. when i initially saw these dots or orbs it was with my naked eye. i immediately grabbed a pair of binoculars and the shape seemed the same no definition of shape just round. these objects appeared very bright. this incident took place approximately 11:15am on tuesday november 28th. while watching these objects for approximately 10 minutes i noticed that they seemed to gain altitude, eventually the objects disappeared even with binoculars. my first thought was to share with my wife which i did immediately. during the incident i felt very uneasy, and now after i’m just dumbfounded! the objects seemed to float about and around one another, however they did seem to show intelligence and all moved to the north almost as a cloud would move, however i was able to witness individual movement from each object. i thought about calling the local police but my wife said no. eventually the objects further north moved out of view. i was watching three directly above me in a triangle formation, when i scanned the sky for the rest of the flotilla i lost sight of the objects above me, and then was unable to locate anymore. i took cellphone pictures but the objects are barely visible. i was excited, confused, scared, etc.. now i’m curious. this is not my first sighting, just the first reported due to the sheer number of objects!

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