UFO Sighting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 2017-11-25 20:15:00 – Chevron/v-shaped ufo dull gray in color w/ no lights. seen traveling south over downtown fort lauderdale. clear skies made size/distance difficult. completely silent. crystal clear and incredible to see. two witnesses

The two of us were sitting out on my balcony enjoying the clearest sky we’ve had recently. several stars were visible which is relatively uncommon from my view with the light pollution of downtown fort lauderdale. we were having a conversation enjoying the weather when i looked up directly at the object. it wasn’t emitting any lights and was completely silent. it was chevron / v-shaped and was very distinct. i looked away, blinked, and looked back at it because i have never seen anything remotely like it. when i said “oh my god” my relative looked up and knew exactly what i was talking about. it’s tough to tell its size and distance as there was no cloud cover and hence nothing to reference it against. it seemed to be a gray metallic, non reflective object. it came from the north, slowed down a little over downtown fort lauderdale, and disappeared behind a building. it was only visible for roughly 8-10 seconds and if i wasn’t so amazed/shocked/in awe of the craft i would have been able to get a clear picture.

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