UFO Sighting in Laguna Beach, California on 2017-10-26 18:40:00 – I take sunset pictures every night from my house overlookng catalina island, 2 nights in a row saw this orb in the same place, never saw again

1. i was at my house watching the sunset in laguna. i always have my camera handy as i love to take photos of the sunsets. i wasnt taking pictures this night, but then saw this orb and thought it was bizarre so took many pictures from my canon70d digital camera. this happened 2 nights in a row, at the same time (15 – 20 mins after the sun had fully set), and never again.

2. i noticed it becuase it was hovering in and around clouds, but also looked and moved much different than anything i have seen flying over the ocean here, and ive seen some weird things. (had no destination, just was hainging out)

3. i thought it was an incoming airplane at first, but then it never went anywhere and just hovered and seemed to be shape shifting or shining in and around clouds.

4. it was fairly big in the sky like a large star almost. hovered right above catalina island area and would move up and down in the sky slowely. (no it wasnt the clouds moving with the atmosphere and orb was still like a star, this orb was moving, made sure to look at that aspect)

5. i was very curious as to what it is. excited as well, almost confused like my mind was playing tricks on me. not a huge ufo person, but i do believe there is life out there, and would like to know if this was an ufo or something i just dont know about that happens in the sky / a star or planet.

6. the sky got really dark becuase of sun fully being down, clouds rolled in covering the sky so i coundlt see how it left the first night. you will see in the pictures the cloud cover. i have attached very close up and far away pics so you can see the scale of the pictures/orb i took. they are all on my canon camera and i have more, just dont want to send you 20 attachments. i will only attach photos from one night, please email me for the second night pics if needed.

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