UFO Sighting in Long Island City, New York on 2017-11-15 21:24:00 – Light followed, stopped, changed direction with witness movements length of route

I was walking with a companion from my home in long island city on 24th street (another light, remaining stationary over that location, had changed color from purple to red – in response to a specific request from me, at stephen greer’s online direction – last may 2017) along northern boulevard (route 25a east) when a similar purple light was seen hovering above a supermarket strip plaza on the south side; immediately upon making eye contact, it began to follow us – have wondered if the same light had been present since we left but, no way of knowing for sure – and continued to until arriving at home depot where it, for lack of a better description, waited for us at least a half-hour until we came out, also exhibiting the same behavior when exiting a popeye’s and food bazaar on the way back, where another of them then seemed to join the one that had first appeared to me there – or it may have been somehow split, as the attached photo suggests, continuing to follow us to my residence and the same general location as on previous occasions…..(note: numerous other photos taken in course of experience; available upon request – as couldn’t be all submitted through this interface)

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