UFO Sighting in Ripon, Wisconsin on 2017-10-21 23:10:00 – Ufo streaked across my gaze, just above trees, bright

On october 21st 2017 i was in my back yard getting to know my new telescope. it was a really nice night, warmer than expected at this time of the year. after about an hour i had to take a break because my back was soar. my back yard is joined with the neighbors yard. there are very tall, mature trees that also surround it. i had to have my telescope pointed at a steep angle. so i sat down in my lawn chair to rest. the night sky was very clear and i was just enjoying the view. suddenly, directly in front of me, a extremely bright line stretched out in front of me. it was so quick but was a very large object at the front with a huge trail of light following it. i couldn’t make out what the object leaving the light was. it was a bit larger than the light trail. it was that bright,that it stretched the light it was just above the trees!! the speed was so fast that if i wasn’t staring directly at it i would have missed it. i believe it was meant for me to see. i couldn’t move, i was so amazed that it happened in front of me!! little, unimportant me!! tears we’re flowing out of my eyes in disbelief! after a few minutes a smile came to my face. i was right, i wasn’t crazy. i believe in alot of ideas out there. our future, our past, and things in between. my husband and others i’ve shared the important information
with, make fun of me but i now have the proof i need. i didn’t tell anyone after it happened except my son.

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