UFO Sighting in Laguna Beach, California on 2017-10-26 18:40:00 – I take sunset pictures every night from my house overlookng catalina island, 2 nights in a row saw this orb in the same place, never saw again

1. i was at my house watching the sunset in laguna. i always have my camera handy as i love to take photos of the sunsets. i wasnt taking pictures this night, but then saw this orb and thought it was bizarre so took many pictures from my canon70d digital camera. this happened 2 nights […]

Do emotions related to alcohol consumption differ by alcohol type?

When you’re choosing a drink at a bar, what goes into that decision? We know that taste has a lot to do with it, but according to this study, emotions may come into play as well: more specifically, the emotions brought about by the type of alcohol itself. Here, researchers used an online survey of […]

UFO Sighting in Augusta, Maine on 2017-11-30 10:12:00 – Frist husband and i saw two blink in flying north, one more flew behind..It came 10 sec after.

Husband and i were walking our dogs. i looked up two appeared, then three, one was trailing behind. this is a bright clear day.They were mettalic silver, flashing colors, red, orange,green,yellow blue. we both were awestruck,excited..And i was scared. they flew north for less than two minutes and disappeared. we saw them very well. this […]


And the most intriguing aspect is that all of them are on the same straight line. Too odd to be natural, right? Mars is full of surprises and our understanding of this mysterious world grows each day with the help of intriguing discoveries such as the following one. Artificial towers on Mars would be just […]

UFO Sighting in Long Island City, New York on 2017-11-15 21:24:00 – Light followed, stopped, changed direction with witness movements length of route

I was walking with a companion from my home in long island city on 24th street (another light, remaining stationary over that location, had changed color from purple to red – in response to a specific request from me, at stephen greer’s online direction – last may 2017) along northern boulevard (route 25a east) when […]

PEERANORMAL Episode 13: Bible Codes

Back in mid-nineties a peer-reviewed article was published that sought to legitimize the idea that the Hebrew text of Genesis encrypted meaningful information about modern persons and events. Their method for detecting the presumed encrypted knowledge was known as equidistant letter sequencing (ELS).This article (Witztum, Rips, and Rosenberg) became a reference point for journalist Michael Drosnin, who […]

278. Free Show: Jim MacDonald

Retired Boston police officer, Donnie Gosselin joins in studio to speak with guest Jim MacDonald who has his own thoughts on the Betty & Barney Hill Incident. Betty’s niece, Kathleen Marden calls in as well as an informed researcher. Several other listeners call in during hour two. Subscribe here to listen to full shows. Check […]

Physical Evidence of Alien UFOs has been Found!

It has been documented so many times, in the past fifty years, that we are not alone. There have been many UFO cases where people have seen Unidentified Flying Objects from constructed machines to bright spheres actually land. When some of these sites have been examined, residual traces have been discovered. When they leave traces […]

Virtual Reality Immersion Beyond the Headset

Virtual reality experiences can provide an uncanny sense of immersion that tricks participants’ brains into believing they are walking on that narrow beam high above a city or are being chased by a monster through dark halls. The New Reality Company wants to push the boundaries of virtual reality by adding real-world props and additional sensory stimuli based […]

First Look at the New 60-Second Scholar Series

Below are the covers of the new 60-Second Scholar series. They are now available on Amazon for pre-order, but will only be released May 1. You may recall that Zondervan acquired this series from me, explaining why the old books were retired on Amazon (and now have stupidly high prices attached to them). Each book […]