Hear a retired Navy Commander’s official testimony about that time he witnessed a craft coming out of the ocean and flying alongside his plane. On February 10, 1951, Navy pilot and commander Graham Bethune was flying with his crew on a routine mission from Iceland to Newfoundland. On the final leg of their flight, a […]

The Very Weird Vanishing and Death of Don Kemp

There are many, many cases of vanished people and mysterious deaths out there, which I have frequently covered here at Mysterious Universe. They are always baffling and surrounded by oddities and weird clues, and some are often noticeably more bizarre than others. One that has continually perplexed and inspired deep discussion and debate is that […]

Meet the LEGO Women of NASA

It’s not too often that a toy depicts a real-life unsung hero in science, but the LEGO Women of NASA kit does that four times over. A couple of the names should be familiar — Sally Ride is the go to name for women in space and Margaret Hamilton’s picture has been making the rounds […]

UFO Sighting in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec on 2017-08-13 21:30:00 – Lumiã¨re, star-like, se dã©plaã§ant vers le haut, fait un arrãªt reprend sa course de faã§on sinueuse, disparaã®t.

J’ã©tais dehors sur mon perron ã  regarder la montagne en face pour ã©couter le tapage du voisin habitant sur la montagne. je vois quelque chose du coin de l’oeil. je suis avec ma mã¨re. elle aussi voit cet objet. c’ã©tait immobile auparavant, on ne l’aurait pas remarquã© si l’objet n’avait pas bougã©, car on aurait […]

Australian Aircrews Encounter UFO, Official Files Reveal

     There are currently two Australian government agencies who are equipped to, and indeed do, accept UFO reports from civil aviation flight crews. They are the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and Airservices Australia (ASA). Of course, they do more than deal with infrequent UFO reports, and, in fact, are responsible for airspace management, […]

UFO Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 2017-11-11 15:33:00 – While sitting in automobile awaiting start of work shift, noticed dull, whitish, upright cylindrical object blinking or pulsing in glow-like intensity pass over area.

was sitting in personal automobile in parking lot outside of workplace, awaiting time for start of shift, in 2nd row of spaces away from the building, facing westward. at moment, very light breeze from north-to-south, sun was approximately 65 degrees above horizon in south, south-west, with no clouds in general region at the time, but […]

UFO Sighting in Hammonton, New Jersey on 2017-12-02 02:18:00 – Wow….Purple like so bright blue light ever seen .No fire no trailing smoke not a shooting star was a ship i felt it first.Then seen it.

Driving home from atlantic city new jersey after 2am heading nw on ac express way on 12/2/2017 felt this thing like power in the sky to my left i thought it was a nuclear missile, very scary, there was 2 other people in the car with me , i was in the passager seat everyone […]