UFO Sighting in Simferopol, Crimea on 2017-11-25 00:00:00 – I didn’t know what i captured until i got back home.

The day was 25th of november. we were going to a thanksgiving luncheon. on the way, i took several random pictures of buildings. later when i was back home from the luncheon, i browsed my camera roll to look at the pictures i’ve taken in the afternoon. i didn’t notice the glow like thing in the first time when i looked at the picture. it was the second time where i zoomed it and was shocked literally. to me it looked like an angel. i want to make this clear that the time when i was taking picture of the building i didn’t notice it at all! i love taking pictures so, i had to focus and stuff on my iphone to get the perfect shot but i really didn’t see anything above the building. and it’s not lens flare or insect if you see it. i don’t even know what that thing is. so i decided to show it to you guys. have you ever seen something like this before?

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