UFO Mailing List Post: “Recent Kentucky Animal Mutilations”

From: Kenny Young, 10 July 2001 (UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada) Kenny Young presents a 10 July 2001 The Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio) – Kentucky Edition newspaper article. Comment by Kenny Young: “Here is a report that I was surprised to find in today’s newspaper concerning some recent animal mutilations in Kentucky. I couldn’t find an internet […]

Predicting Suicide: Return of a Scandal (Part 2)

In the first post in this series, I looked at the work of Swedish psychiatrist Lars Thorell, who has developed a test which, he claims, is able to predict suicides in depressed patients. Thorell’s test is called electrodermal orientation reactivity (aka electrodermal hyporeactivity), and while Thorell’s work on the technique goes back to the 1980s, […]

All Things Iron from the Bronze Age Had Cosmic Origins

Looks like King Tut’s space dagger wasn’t so special after all. The legendary Egyptian pharaoh was found last year to have been buried with a dagger forged from a meteorite, a truly cosmic artifact fit for a king. Well, as it turns out, pretty much everything made of iron from that period came from fallen […]

Cab Driver Records UFO Over San Luis | MEXICO – VIDEO

     Mankind appears not to be alone, judging by the presence of beings from other planets who come to our own Earth for still unguessed-at reasons. By Inexplicata12-4-17 Recently, a taxicab driver became part of paranormal activity as he returned from dropping off a fare at Villa Mercedes in San Luis, after which he […]

Do Robots Deserve Human Rights?

When the humanoid robot Sophia was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia—the first robot to receive citizenship anywhere in the world—many people were outraged. Some were upset because she now had more rights than human women living in the same country. Others just thought it was a ridiculous PR stunt. Sophia’s big news brought forth a […]

UFO Sighting in California on 2017-12-04 20:20:00 – I observe the lights from pch as i was heading south towards the 10 east. i was with two of my friends and we witness the lights from the van we pulled over in the palisade park and that’s when i started videotaping and taking the pictures

I observe these lights from pch heading east towards the 10 freeway i decided to pull over and videotape and take pictures of the objects that i witnessed about a half a mile west of the santa monica pier

Black Triangle Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 2017-12-04 22:30:00 – I saw two triangle shaped projects with pulsating lights of varying colors flying in a triangle shaped pattern underneath the projected light of the full moon.

Last night i was walking my dog when i noticed at a projected angle of 45 degrees underneath the light of the full moon two large triangle shaped objects flying in unison in a triangular or circular flight pattern while emitting a strange pattern of lights, these two objects spun faster and faster for about […]

UFO Sighting in Hagerman, New Mexico on 2017-10-05 00:00:00 – I watched 8lights the first three were evenly spaced moving fast two more stared moving up then i saw the other 3moving at different speeds by the time they were just over my head they were about evenly spaced and then they were gone my wife was there too

Just went outside with my wife when she was smoking when i thought i wasseeing a satellite then i notice two more coming with it i’ve never seen 3 satellites together i told my wife check this out lookthen i see two more catching up those two were followed by 3 and they were even […]