UFO Mailing List Post: “For The Record: Animal Mutilations”

From: UFO UpDates – Toronto, 11 July 2002 (UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada) UFO UpDates presents several animal mutilation news articles. Quote from a 2 February 1989 The Cullman Times (Alabama) newspaper article: “Also a Cullman resident reported a huge orange ball UFO a few weeks before the mutilation.” The cow mutilation occurred in Bremen. Bremen […]

279. Free Show: Sam Maranto, Chicago Mothman

Alejandro Rojas at NASA Space Camp , then guest, Sam Maranto discusses sightings of Mothman, in Chicago where he lives and has been investigating. Subscribe for $2 per month or more to hear hour two (all full shows & archives), where he then discusses mass sightings, Tinley Park, UFOs and Fatima. Read: http://www.mufon.com/ufo-news/mothaman-type-creature-reported-over-chicago  

Sky-Watcher Caught Giant Interstellar Cylinder UFO Near Orion Nebula

Do you remember the mysterious cylindrical shaped object from interstellar space named Oumuamua that came within our solar system last month? Now, on November 29, 2017 a sky-watcher from North Carolina was out collecting data on M42 Orion Nebula. As he still was fine focusing his 8 in astrograph / Newtonian Telescope a giant cylinder […]

Saving Sea Turtles Through Community Litter Cleanups

By: Christi Hughes In January 2016, a young sea turtle named Grace was found floating cold and listless next to a dock in Awendaw, South Carolina. She was rescued by compassionate locals to the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Care Center™ for life-saving medical treatment. Grace, who was the size of a dinner plate, ultimately […]

Plate Tectonics on Europa Boost Odds for Finding Life

On Earth, the theory of plate tectonics describes the way large pieces of the planet’s crust move and interact. These pieces, or plates, slide over the mantle, the malleable outer layer of Earth’s core. Now, new research indicates that the frozen surface of Europa, one of Jupiter’s four largest moons, may also experience plate tectonics. […]

10 Songs That You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By UFO Encounters

Sex, Drugs, Rock N’ Roll, And Aliens! Do little green men and flying saucers truly exist? While there’s still no definitive proof of alien life, it sure has been invading rock songs for years and years. Close encounters with the third kind by legendary rock stars are actually not an uncommon story. Those stories have […]

Scientists Crack the Mystery of an Exploding Egg

Scientists had an explosive mystery on their hands. A man suing a restaurant claimed an egg he bit into detonated loudly enough to damage his hearing. Was this a legit complaint, or an attempt to capitalize in a litigation-happy culture? Well, after a scientific investigation, the man’s story is legit. Although microwave ovens have become […]

Duck, Duck, Dinosaur! Meet Halszkaraptor, A Mongolian Mash-Up

If it looks like a duck…it may be a curious new dinosaur, Halszkaraptor escuilliei. The Mongolian maniraptor is a mouthful to say and a, uhm, glory to behold. But the most interesting thing about it is how it apparently lived. Fossiliferous Mongolia has given dinosaur enthusiasts a trove of discoveries over the years, from the […]

Love at First Sight? Nah

Cynics rejoice — the oft-reported phenomenon of love at first sight is more akin to lust at first sight. Psychologist Florian Zsok and colleagues from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands recently published a study that found even though people generally do believe they’re experiencing love at first sight (LAFS), the event has more […]

Can One Eruption Trigger More? My Top 5 Volcano Myths

Whenever volcanoes are in the news, I see a lot of wild rumors roaming the interwebs. The worst kind are those that try to sow panic and fear amongst the people living near an erupting or potentially erupting volcano by either spreading false news or sensationalizing the events. Sometimes it is more innocent, where the […]

Discovery of Alien Life; How Will Humanity React?

[…]      … imagine if scientists found alien microbes. How would humanity react to the news? By Ben GuarinoThe Washington Post12-4-17 Michael Varnum, a psychologist at Arizona State University and a member of its new Interplanetary Initiative, is trying to anticipate this response. “One of the initial questions [of the initiative] that we’re curious […]

Severed Hands Discovered in Ancient Egypt Palace

A team of archaeologists excavating a palace in the ancient city of Avaris, in Egypt,  has made a gruesome discovery. The archaeologists have unearthed the skeletons of 16 human hands buried in four pits. Two of the pits, located in front of what is believed to be a throne room, hold one hand each. Two […]