280 Free Show: Robert Powell

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Robert Powell discusses the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico UFO sighting and then the USS Nimitz 2004 UFO Incident, in hour two (support the show to listen to full shows and archives) he speaks of a very interesting barbell shaped UFO sighting a DOD contractor had while hunting. and much more. We got through […]


It might sound unbelievable, but we’re currently living in an era that’s birthed the disclosure of some very sensitive information. So sensitive that despite all of the evidence, it’s still hard for many people to think about, let alone accept. And that’s the fact that there are now dozens of governments who have confirmed the […]

A Geoengineered Future Is Downright Scary

Climate change seems inevitable. Between the still-accelerating pace of greenhouse gas emissions and the voices of global warming deniers, hitting the targets laid out in the Paris Accord to slow the pace of a warming climate feels increasingly elusive. To hit even the 2 degree Celsius cap on a global temperature increase, emissions would need to peak […]

A Man Communicating With An Extraterrestrial From Mars – Taken Seriously By The BBC, Live In 1954

It’s 2017, and we’ve had some shocking testimony given to us from high ranking military personnel, politicians, and more. For example, Colonel Ross Dedrickson, a high ranking officer in the Air Force who held special positions at various points in his career dealing with nuclear weapons, the atomic energy commission, and nuclear weapons storage facilities. […]

Mike talks Unseen Realm on the Eric Metaxas Show

My interview on the Eric Metaxas Show airs today (2-4 pm Eastern time; I’m in hour 2, starting at 3pm Eastern). I’m a newcomer to Eric’s show (about two months now). I enjoy its eclectic nature and the fact that he’s unafraid to make the faith orientation of his show clear to listeners. Who would […]

A major federal report finds that the speed of Arctic warming is unprecedented in 2,000 years

The peer-reviewed report involving 85 scientists finds that the Arctic environmental system has reached a “new normal” It’s a common refrain doubters of human-caused global warming: Temperatures now are no higher than they were during the Medieval Warm Period from about 800 to 1400 AD. Never mind that a major paper put this idea to rest in 2013. I still have this flawed argument thrown […]

UFO Sighting in GB on 1958-07-01 16:01:00 – While aboard the guided missile crusier the uss cambarra in 1958, during the navel exercises in the english channel we saw a cigar shaped metallic gray cigar hovering over us.

Filed at mufon headquarters while on the phone with witness, by field investigator l. flechtner 18809 on december 13, 2017 ——————————————————————– back in or about 1958 i was 18 years old and on the guided missile cruiser the uss camberra. we were doing naval exercises in the english channel about 300 miles off the coast […]