Why FringePop321? Watch This Video

Want to know why my non-profit, MIQLAT, is partnering with AllAboutGod.com to create our “fringe / Middle Earth” video show Fringepop321? Watch this video (and get a peek). By helping AllAboutGod.com, you’re not only helping a Miqlat ministry effort, you’re doing evangelism and discipleship in meaningful, quantifiable ways. I’ve seen the “under the hood” stats […]

‘Man Flu’ and Giant Wine Glasses: The BMJ’s Christmas Issue

Scientists aren’t always considered to be the most festive group of people. But The British Medical Journal does its part to celebrate the spirit of the holidays with its annual Christmas issue. Once a year, the journal opens submissions for studies with a slightly lighter tone, but just as much science. The key to inclusion in the […]

Details About Interstellar Space Object | VIDEO

     New data reveal that the interstellar asteroid that recently zipped through our solar system is rocky, cigar-shaped, and has a somewhat reddish hue. It’s the first confirmed object from another star observed in our solar system, and was discovered Oct. 19 by the University of NASA11-24-17 Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS1 telescope team, funded by NASA’s […]

This Apollo Rocket Stage was Smashed for Science

Within 10 minutes of a Saturn V launch, the first two stages had fallen away as the spacecraft settled into Earth orbit. Within another 10 minutes, both stages had crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. They weren’t recovered for reuse; their jobs were done before the half hour mark on any lunar flight. But the third stage of […]

UFO Sighting in Oklahoma on 2017-07-10 00:00:00 – 3 crafts

We were traveling south on a country road and i looked out and noticed a weird looking craft in the air so we pulled over. as soon as we stopped and got out, my friend then noticed that there were actually 3 of them. they appeared to be floating approximately 200 ft or so above […]

The Roller Coaster Designed to Kill

I have a friend who loves roller coasters. He once told me, a fellow coaster-head, “You ever get the feeling that most people say they like roller coasters, but then when they’re in a park they just ride one or two of them and call it a day?” I nodded in the shared sentiment. All […]

How Scientists Created A Wormhole | VIDEO

Wormholes don’t only exist in space. Scientists have just created one in the lab…with magnets!       First theorized in 1935 by Albert Einstein and as part of the theory of general relativity, wormholes were originally known as “Einstein-Rosen bridges,” and are thought of as holes through space-time. Although there’s math that can prove […]

Black Triangle Sighting in Redding, California on 2017-12-13 20:31:00 – Two triangles traveling together/staggered. three white lights each. appeared dark bodies. then separated flying. one south. one east.

We were sitting in our hot tub on a clear night 12-13-17. my wife said “look…Two triangles” i was surprised at her statement at first as she was very surprised! it was about 8:30 p.M. i looked straight up and saw two triangular aircraft flying slowly, very close to each other, in a staggered pattern […]

Drones, Volcanoes and the ‘Computerization’ of the Earth

The eruption of the Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia has been devastating, particularly for the 55,000 local people who have had to leave their homes and move into shelters. It has also played havoc with the flights in and out of the island, leaving people stranded while the experts try to work out what the […]

Peering into Erupting Volcanoes Is a Real Challenge

Monitoring volcanoes is really hard. Not only are you trying to deduce what a volcano is going to do using context clues like earthquakes, gas emissions and deformation, but once an eruption starts, trying to get a peak at what is coming out at the vent is downright dangerous. New technology like drones and satellites […]